Toilet-paper Tubes: From Trash to Treasure

"Grand Nord. Renne" by Anastassia Elias
Having spent a part of my life as an artist, and an even larger portion on the toilet, I couldn’t resist sharing this wonderful off-beat discovery: Toilet tube art by Anastassia Elias.

Most sources agree that the average person spends more than a year on the toilet over the course of their lifetime. Obviously it’s much more than that for IBD patients. In fact, I’m pretty sure there have been individual years when I spent a whole year on the toilet. Yes, it sometimes seems like we never get off the can. In light of that, it’s certainly fun to find something that brings out the joy in it, improbable as that may seem. I am sure everyone can appreciate this bit of whimsy, yet I still feel like it was made just for me…

"Zoo. Girafes" by Anastassia Elias

Constructed inside each empty cardboard roll is a silhouetted diorama. Each one is a different scene… everything from sports action freeze-frames, to picturesque nature shots.

Some are reminiscent of Norman Rockwell, each a mini portrait of a captured moment in life. There are barber shops and dances, classrooms, children making snowmen, and a boy fishing from a dock.  

This artwork is a delightful example of trash-to-treasure genius. I’d love to add one to my collection, I think my favorite is the moose.

"Football" by Anastassia Elias

"Balançoire" by Anastassia Elias

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