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I was recently visiting a local casino with my sister-in-law when she discovered something I’d never heard of. After a post-bingo potty break, she came out of the restroom seeming very excited, asking if I’d experienced the “super-awesome toilet seats.” I had indeed experienced a toilet seat in my restroom visit, but there wasn’t anything particularly awesome about it. Definitely not super awesome. She went on to explain that the women’s restroom had toilet seats that automatically dispensed a plastic cover. She tried to explain, but I couldn’t really visualize it so I looked it up when I got home.

I found a couple of different brands. Sani-Seat provides some good information about how the system works, including this video that shows the cover in action. The Brill brand also offers a similar solution.

It is definitely an intriguing concept. The toilet seat is encased in a long tubular plastic baggie that feeds from a supply hidden on one side of the seat and gets pulled around to a take-up reel on the other side. As the exposed section is reeled in, a fresh one replaces it—like a long, continuous, plastic tube sock.

For those who use toilet seat covers regularly, this invention seems nothing short of ingenious. Especially for IBD patients… without needing to cover the seat oneself, saving those few precious seconds getting seated could easily help avert a disaster.

One question remains however… Why do only women get super awesome toilet seats? In the one place I’d been that used them (and at the Airport mentioned in this news video from the Brill web site), they were installed exclusively in the women’s restrooms. Surely I’m likely to get an earful about why that might be justified, but it’s pretty hard to imagine that only women would be interested in a sanitary restroom experience. I hate to dig too far into the topic, for fear we’ll end up in a heated debate about whose restrooms are messier, whose tolerances are higher, and a bunch of other male/female mumbo-jumbo… like what position the toilet seat belongs in.

Regardless, can we at least agree that—whether you’re from Mars or Venus—when it comes to toilets, we all want a clean place to sit? 

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