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For those living with IBD, the CCFA provides sample letters to help with requests, appeals, and other correspondence.


Doctor at computer.As a patient of a chronic illness, it’s likely that you’ve faced some difficult burdens. Sure, the regular challenges of the disease are there, but sometimes the subsequent logistical hassles can also be quite cumbersome and intimidating.

Ever had an insurance claim rejected that you thought should be covered? Been denied coverage on a medication you needed? Had trouble getting life insurance because of your IBD? Struggled to claim a disability? Worried about complications at school and what assistance the school can offer? Wondered how to get your employer to accommodate your needs? Wished for different results that seemed out of reach? Hoped your doctor would help solve these problems?

I think we’ve all been there, and it’s downright frustrating. But there is help available on these and other topics. The CCFA has published a special area on their website dedicated to helping with these very challenges. There, you will find a variety of sample letters to help with requests, appeals, and other correspondence. Professionally written and easily customizable, the MS Word documents provide a starting point for your doctor to use in making these inquiries on your behalf. Our caretakers are generally pretty busy, so the templates can be a labor-saver, offering a quick way for the doc to help you ask for the results you need.

Living with IBD has plenty of difficulties of its own. When it comes to addressing the challenges that seem beyond your control, it is important to realize there may still be ways to influence the results. And it’s nice to know that you don’t have to start from scratch or go it alone.

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