Dear John

How to manage toilet stall frustrations with three simple steps.

Toilet stall frustrations.Dear Restroom Designer/Installer/Manager:

I’ve said it before, but apparently I have to say it again…

  1. If there are shreds of toilet paper all over the floor in the toilet stalls, it means your dispensers suck, or the paper is too thin, or both. (Yes this is a problem that needs to be fixed).
  2. A covered TP dispenser should be mounted up where people can access it, not down by the floor where you need three elbows to reach inside (and this would free up more legroom too).
  3. Stall doors should swing outward unless the stall is big enough to stand inside comfortably while closing the door (especially in airports, where there also has to be room for luggage).

There is plenty more I could say, but 90 percent of toilet stall frustrations can be cured with these three simple steps.

Thank you.



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