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Crap Apps Part II: TP Games!


While perusing toilet-locator smartphone apps in a previous column, I stumbled across a couple of toilet-oriented games for these new wonder-devices. Silly as they may be, it’s at least a little bit of fun to see what whacky things people have come up with.

DragToiletPaper and ToiletPaperTouch are both silly. Simply showing a roll of TP and a timer, the object is to see how fast you can un-spool an entire roll. I’m not sure what the skill or challenge is really supposed to be, but apparently it’s compelling enough to be worth creating. Reviews are basically as straightforward as either game itself—either loving it or hating it, both for its simplicity.

If neither of those appeals to you, there’s always the plethora of toilet sound apps. Simply make a search for fart and you’ll find an endless variety. The logos are almost as entertaining as the apps themselves.

As for the merit of these games and other so-called apps (or even a column about them), you’ll either be tickled pink, or annoyed that I even suggested it. I think the most amusing part is that they exist at all. Maybe it’s best to leave it at that and spend your smartphone resources on something more useful—like saving the world. For that, you could consider the Greenpeace Tissue Guide, which reviews the eco-friendliness of popular TP brands.

Phew, there’s some value to this column after all.

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