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Spring - What Does the Season Mean

It is only March 1st. and Spring does not officialy start for several weeks, but it has been on my mind.

As in summer, Spring brings dayight hours that are greater or equal to 12 hours and rapidly increasing. Everything begins to warm, new plant growth starts. Snow (if any) begins to melt and flowering plants begin to bloom. As one season becomes another it may be hard if you are struggling with cancer to enjoy the little ways we know Spring is coming, but in other ways it may be very comforting. It may be comforting like by 2 black lab dogs that they keep coming back. And maybe this Spring there is a new hope for you or at least someone (or some mammal) that loves you unconditionally and will give you a wet slobbery kiss .

Take a few minutes and think about how you would like your journey to be this Spring.
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