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Promising New Drugs Being Studied

New Drug for Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia (CML)

Genta Inc. has received permission from the Food and Drug Administration to test at the University of Pennsylvania heir drug calledG4460 on patients. This new drug uses antisense technology o target an oncogene known as c-myb that regulates key functions in cancer cells. The study will evaluate dosing regimens, safety, and biologic activity in patients with CML. Other potential uses for this drug may include melanoma, neuroblastoma and cancers of the breast, pancreas, and colon. You may get more information at

New Platinum Drugs Being Studied

Poniard Pharmaceuticals has a new drug called Picoplatin. This is a new generation of platinum therapy that provides a different and improved safety profile. It is being tested in phase I and phase II clinical trials for the treatment of small cell lung cancer, colorectal and hormone refractory prostate cancers. This will hopefully overcome platinum resistance associated with the treatment of solid tumors. You may obtain more information at or call 206-286-2517
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