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Other Resources for Colorectal Cancer

The month of March is almost over and so comes the ending of the Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. This does not mean, however, that we stop thinking about or discussing colorectal cancer until March of next year. Many scientists, health care professionals, cancer survivors, family and friends will continue to be concerned with colorectal cancer in April and other months. We will begin discussing other topics on this blog, but you may still always post a concern about colorectal cancer at any time.

As we come to an end of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month I wanted to provide you with some other links to sites that you might want to visit. Hopefully, you will find these helpful in your cancer journey.

Other resources include:

As this month comes to a close it is important to reinforce that prevention and early detection are the best ways to help with colorectal cancer. As we discussed previously it is essential to remind our family and friends of the screening guidelines by the American Cancer Society and recommend lifestyle changes such as eating more fiber.

Seek help from as many resources as possible if you are diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer. Consider your options and seek a second opinion if you want to. Ask questions and make sure everything is explained so that you can understand it. Maintain a positive attitude and seek support from family, friends, community support groups or discussion forums on the internet. There have been many advances in detection and treatment of colorectal cancer and there are a number of options and lots of HOPE.
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