Optimism Part VI- ACT

Despite the fact that some people say you cannot "learn" optimism or a more positive attitude, there is research to show that you can. This relatively easy way to improve your attitude may help during your cancer journey.

It is called:
How To Act Upon vs. Reacting To

Acting upon involves consciously choosing to do what will prompt a more positive response.

ACT to Limit the Harmful Effects of Others’ Negativity

A Affirm yourself. Halt negative self-talk

C Create measures to maintain your optimism.

T Take a “time out”. If necessary, find a reason to remove yourself from the negative interaction, even if only briefly for a “breather”.

One way to practice this is using the following exercise: Write one statement of negative self-talk you have expressed, then write a replacement statement of positive, affirming self-talk.

OR you might try writing down one thing you will do to develop and maintain a positive point of view.

Hopefully, some of these tips may help you increase or maintain your optismism.
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