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Christmas, Holidays and Cancer

Whether you celebrate Christmas or another holiday at this time, I want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers today 12/25/06. I have spent time relfecting on what Christmas and other faiths who celebrate holidays now really are celebrating. How can I explain it all in a few words when priests, ministers cannot necessarily explain in a 30-40 minute service.

What I believe this time of year should represent is hope for a brighter and better future. As I described in a previous posting in November on Hope, everyone has hope. It may be different for each individual. For some it may be hope that the cancer will go into remission, others may hope for cure. What I hope is that if I can decrease the suffering of one individual each day then I will feel I have not failed.

I hope for each and everyone of you that you can find something to hope for this holiday season as I truly believe that is why Jesus was born to us.
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