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Another Good Resource: The Oncology Nursing Society

In addition to providing news and tips, science and how to cope and improve your physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being I would like this to be a site that you can go to for other resources that are accurate and credible.

The one I would like to highlight is the Oncology Nursing Society. It is a professional organization of about 33,000 nurses dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with cancer. You can go to the webstite - www.ons.org. I have been involved for over 20 years. There are many ways to reach someone for help at ONS as seen below:

Oncology Nursing Society, 125 Enterprise Drive, RIDC Park West, Pittsburgh, PA 15275-1214
toll free866-257-4ONS ; local412-859-6100;fax 877-369-5497 and e-mail customer.service@ons.org.

ONS was started by a handful of nurses dedicated to cancer care. The first nurse to officially become an employee of ONS was an incredible nurse named Pearl Moore. With incredible commitment on her part, as well as others they developed this into one of the largest and most influcential specialty nursing organizations. Pearl retired after 30+ years, and we now have some new and exciting times with another incredible Chief Executive Officer named Paula

The website sponsored by ONS is very helpful and there are many areas that anyone can open and read (especially sections on sympoms like pain and fatigue). There are only a handful of areas that you cannot enter unless you are a nurse and a member (like the section where we are voting for our next Board members). But anyone at the ONS office will try to get whatever information you need.

Probably many of the nurses involved in your care are members of ONS and get a chance to attend 1 of the conferences each year. There is an annual conference in April/May (5000+ nurses attend), a Fall conference ( that is more focused and smaller - 2000+) and a conference every other year in the odd years for the nurse researchers (450+). That is the one I just returned from the research conference and I will begin to share the cutting edge research nurses are doing.

I would be remiss to end the column if I did not mention that we also have an Oncology Nursing Society Foundation. You can contact them at:
ONS Foundation125 Enterprise DrivePittsburgh, PA 15275
Phone (412) 859-6100Fax (412) 859-6163

This is an amazing foundation that was started in 1981 by all of the oncology nurses and has raised about $17.6 million dollars since that. All of that money has gone to nursing educaton and research. They give out grants, awards scholarships and much more. With all the federal funding that is decreasing for cancer research and education, it is hoped that ONS can continue to fill that void. If you feel you had a wonderful experience with a cancer nurse that has helped you then you might consider sending a little note and a donation (there are no restrictions on the amount - every $5, $10, or $40 or $100 helps). The Director is Linda Worrall and the President is Kevin Sowers.
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