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Bipolar Bites

Bipolar blogger Natasha Tracy offers exclusive insight into the world of bipolar disorder.

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  • Oct 09 2013

    Awareness for All Severities of Mental Illnesses

    Happy mental illness awareness week! From Oct. 6-12, in both Canada and the U.S., it’s Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW). Not surprisingly, I like this week. This week gives everyone the excuse to do a little something to help people with a ...

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  • Oct 02 2013

    Panic Attacks – A Huge Red Flag for a Suicide Attempt

    I have said before (controversially) that people to attempt or commit suicide do not want to die. It’s very clear to me that people who are suicidal are looking for a way out of pain, not a way towards death, per se. People who attempt suicide ...

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  • Sep 25 2013

    Which Medications are Best – Using the NNT/NNH

    When getting treatment for bipolar disorder there are a myriad of options from which to choose and among those are many types of medications. Doctors will all have their favorites, but why does a doctor choose one drug over another? There a...

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  • Sep 18 2013

    Fighting the Stigmatizing Remarks of Geraldo Rivera

    I don’t watch the news and I most especially don’t watch Fox News. Now, if you enjoy that sort of thing, that’s your business, but I find the news rife with stigmatizing remarks about mental illness. This spreading of stigma leads to prejudice...

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  • Sep 11 2013

    Patient Dumping: How Hospitals Treat the Mentally Ill

    How do you expect to be treated when you go to a hospital? You probably expect to receive quality healthcare. You probably expect professionals to assess and treat you and, depending on the circumstance, admit you to the hospital. You probably ...

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  • Sep 04 2013

    Lithium Has Even More Benefits Than Previously Thought

    If psychiatry has a wonder drug, it might just be lithium. Lithium is the only drug that a formulation of it was developed to specifically treat bipolar disorder and it went a long way to clearing out the masses of people who had been held...

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  • Aug 28 2013

    Why Does Neurology Get More Respect than Psychiatry?

    A friend of mine suffers from seizures and thus, he sees a neurologist. His neurologist manages and tracks his condition over time. The neurologist is responsible for ensuring the seizures are minimized and this includes prescribing medication ...

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  • Aug 21 2013

    Bipolar? You Need Your Thyroid Checked

    When a person is diagnosed with an illness, doctors do something called a differential diagnosis. Basically, this is when a doctor considers all the illnesses that may explain your symptoms and then decides on which one fits best. In the case o...

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  • Aug 16 2013

    How Doctors Discriminate Against the Mentally Ill

    Many people know that those with a mental illness face prejudice and discrimination in their everyday lives. This often happens in workplace settings but also in personal lives. What many people don’t know is that people with a mental illness ...

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  • Aug 07 2013

    Staving Off a Hypomanic / Manic Episode

    Manic, or even hypomanic, episodes can take a serious toll on a life. A manic or hypomanic episode may result in cheating on your partner, gambling away rent money, getting into massive credit card debt, harming personal relationships, and ...

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