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The Best of Bipolar Bites Blog 2012

Bipolar blogger Natasha Tracy gives you her highlights from 2012 in her Bipolar Bites blog on Healthline.

Film reel2012 saw the introduction of the Bipolar Bites blog here at and I’m pleased to say I think the year has gone well. The top five posts alone were shared over 1,000 times. The top five blog posts of 2012 saw the discussion of suicide, bipolar medications, and bipolar research. Topics large and small got their due.

Here is a countdown to the top five Bipolar Bites blog articles of 2012:

5. We Must Talk about Suicide in Order to Prevent It

This piece brings to light the stigma around suicide and suicide attempts and the fact that I believe that our silence around these issues costs lives. You’ll also find more suicide resources at the end of this article.

4. Some People Will Commit Suicide No Matter What You Do?

Here I argue that aiming for a suicide rate of zero is not unrealistic and is something we should work to achieve. Some suggest that there are “lost causes” but I don’t believe any human life is in that boat. I believe, very strongly, that even the very suicidal do not want to die; they want an end to pain. It’s our job to see to it that their pain does end – through help and treatment.

3. Recognizing Facial Emotions in Bipolar Disorder

Many people don’t understand that bipolar disorder is a brain illness and it doesn’t just manifest through mood shifts. Other parts of the brain are also affected, and one of them has to do with facial emotional processing.

2. Biological Evidence of Bipolar Disorder

For reasons that astound me, some people still don’t believe that bipolar disorder is an organic illness—just like any other. Here, I present evidence of the biological nature of bipolar disorder. Part two of this piece discusses the genetics of bipolar disorder.

1. Can MDMA Help People with PTSD Find Ecstasy?

And by a mile, the number one Bipolar Bites article of 2012 was published just last November and it dealt with MDMA, the active substance in the street drug “ecstasy.” This new area of research uses MDMA as a therapy enhancement device to allow people to work through their feelings of trauma in order to fully process them and move forward.  

On a personal note, I would like to thank everyone at Healthline for making me feel at home and say thank-you to all the readers that have made my work here worthwhile. I’m looking forward to a fruitful and educational 2013.

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