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Bipolar Bites
Bipolar Bites

Bipolar blogger Natasha Tracy offers exclusive insight into the world of bipolar disorder.

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  • Dec 18 2013

    The End of Bipolar Bites

    It is with great regret that I must announce the end of the Bipolar Bites blog here at Unfortunately, Healthline has decided to discontinue the blog. However, in saying that, I must also say thank-you to for th...

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  • Dec 11 2013

    Does Having Bipolar Increase Your Risk of Dementia?

    Recently I went to see my father. My father is in full-blown dementia and lives in a geriatric psychiatric wing of a hospital. He is 67. (For your reference, the current life expectancy of a man is 80.) He has been dealing with this since, perh...

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  • Dec 04 2013

    Why SAMHSA Should Have Nothing to Do with the Alternatives Conference

    I have bipolar disorder—a serious mental illness. In fact, I have a particularly hard case of bipolar disorder to treat. I am among the mentally ill people that many organizations are created to help. And one of the organizations that claim t...

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  • Nov 27 2013

    8 Things to Be Thankful For If You Have a Mental Illness

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States and many of us have a lot to be thankful for. Living in a free country, one that allows for equality for people of different religions, races, and sexualities (we’re getting there) is just one. Of c...

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  • Nov 20 2013

    Are you Bipolar? Take the Test that Doctors Use

    Okay, let me just say this up front: you cannot diagnose yourself with bipolar disorder no matter how good the web test is. You absolutely need a professional to diagnose you, not to mention treat you, so no matter what this bipolar test says,...

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  • Nov 13 2013

    Hospitalization Used as Punishment

    In the latest season of Homeland, Carrie, the main character who has bipolar disorder, is admitted to an inpatient psychiatric hospital without her consent. Hospitalization is treated as punishment for her not doing as she was told. And she ce...

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  • Nov 06 2013

    Is Bipolar Disorder Seasonally Affected?

    One form of depression is seasonal affective disorder (SAD). In this form of depression, the hours of sunlight directly affect a person’s mood. People with SAD often experience average moods (happiness) during the summer and experience depressi...

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  • Oct 30 2013

    Sleep Medication in Bipolar Disorder

    As I have said many times before, many professionals consider bipolar disorder to be a circadian rhythm disorder. (Your circadian rhythm is your natural body rhythm including when you sleep and wake.) We see this manifested when people with...

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  • Oct 23 2013

    Why Do Doctors Prescribe Medications Not Approved for Bipolar (Off Label)?

    The medication you’re taking right now might not have been approved for treating bipolar disorder. Really. In fact, if I had to guess, I’d say that most people are on medications that have not been Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approve...

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  • Oct 16 2013

    Family Doctors Cannot Be Expected to Treat Bipolar Disorder

    I have many bugaboos about the psychiatric system in North America, but one of them is that family doctors (primary care physicians) try to treat bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses. In my mind, a family doctor often can’t even diag...

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