Stanford's ER Staff

Stanford's ER Staff

The Stanford Emergency Room is the center of emergency care at Stanford University. It treats more than 40 thousand patients each year. It is a level one trauma center and a pediatric critical care center. It handles the entire spectrum of patients, from newborns to the elderly, from the 4 year old with an ear ache to the 60 year old having a massive heart attack, from the 12 year old skateboarder with a skinned knee to the 20 year old pregnant woman who just crashed her car.

The Stanford ER's number one priority is providing the best possible care to the sick and injured patients who come through its doors. As a university hospital ER, however, the doctors and nurses have the added responsibility of teaching future emergency care providers--medical students, nursing students, paramedic students, interns, and residents. It is also actively involved in research studies aimed at improving the quality of care for emergency room patients.

In addition to the usual patients that come in on their own or arrive by ambulance, the Stanford ER also receives patients on a frequent basis from Stanford's Life Flight Helicopter program.

The ER is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with top quality board certified attending Emergency Physicians, residents-in-training, and some of the country's finest nurses. It can be a busy place, with staff working at a break-neck pace, but the Stanford care-givers are quick with a smile and a caring touch. Join them as they share their knowledge, stories, and experiences chronicled in Straight Talk From the Stanford ER.