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Magnolia Miller

Magnolia Miller

Author at: Hold That Pause

Magnolia Miller is the founder and owner of Pink Zinnia Publishing and Health Communications, LLC, where she is a women’s health and medical writer, health educator, and teacher.

She holds a professional certification as a Health Care Consumer Advocate for women, and is continuing her graduate research in Health Care Consumer Advocacy in women’s health, at Antioch University Midwest in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Before becoming a writer and women’s health advocate, Magnolia attended Louisiana State University where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and finance. She worked as a tax accountant before she “retired” to become a domestic engineer and home school educator for her children.

In her early 40s, after the birth of her third child, Magnolia began to enter perimenopause. Like many women, she was blindsided by the wildly unpredictable symptoms which seemed to come out of nowhere. Unable to mange and cope, Magnolia became convinced she was going insane and sought the help of her doctors.

She quickly learned that the healthcare system, while certainly full of good intentions, was unable to really help her. At best, doctors wrote prescriptions for synthetic hormones, antidepressants, or birth control pills. One physician even suggested that if she took up a hobby she would get through it all just fine.

Feeling frustrated and dismissed, Magnolia founded The Perimenopause Blog and began to write about her experience. In time, her blog attracted a loyal readership of women who also felt frustrated and marginalized by what felt like a tone deaf medical system.  

The Perimenopause Blog has grown into a popular women’s health blog where Magnolia now writes extensively on perimenopause and menopause issues. As her blog has grown, she has partnered with other women’s health and menopause sites as a guest blogger and contributor. 

She has blogged at Menopause Chit-Chat, and is a regular contributor at the popular women’s online sites, and Vibrant Magnolia is also a menopause health expert for the health site,, and is a featured women’s health writer for Yahoo! 

She has been interviewed on Hotze Wellness Radio which broadcasts in Houston, Texas, and Feisty Side of Fifty Blog Talk Radio. She has been featured in articles at MSN, in “Hereabouts,” a local community column in the Dayton Daily News, and more recently, in Vim & Vigor Magazine, a national, family health publication.  

As a writer and advocate for women’s health, Magnolia is passionate about teaching and empowering women so that they can take responsibility for their health and successfully navigate the healthcare system.

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