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Lynn Polmanteer

Lynn Polmanteer, MS, RD, CDN, CDE

Lynn Polmanteer, MS, RD, CDN, CDE is a nutritionist and diabetes educator at the Gerald J. Friedman Diabetes Institute at Beth Israel Hospital. Lynn’s passion for nutrition is deeply rooted in her commitment to public health and personal improvement. Much of her work is focused on raising diabetes awareness and in helping her patients achieve healthier lifestyles through exercise and nutrition education. Given the fact that diet and exercise play a vital role in the management of diabetes, she is excited to blog on how to live and enjoy a healthier life. 

At the Friedman Diabetes Institute, Lynn serves as a health coach in one-on-one sessions, support groups, and weight loss groups. Lynn also leads cooking classes with an emphasis on simple and fresh ingredients to prepare healthy and accessible meals. She also participates in several community outreach events to raise awareness about diabetes and diabetes prevention. Lynn has served as a nutrition expert for media outlets including CBS, Daily News, and Sirius XM radio.

In her free time, Lynn enjoys running, swimming, biking and urban exploring. Physical activity is her passion; from running half marathons to a 30 mile Tour de Cure bike ride. She also enjoys trying new recipes and cooking different international cuisines.