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Jorge E. Rodriguez

Jorge E. Rodriguez, MD

Dr. Jorge E. Rodriguez was born in Havana, Cuba on May 19, 1958. In 1961, the family fled communist Cuba to receive political asylum in the United States. His father attended dental school in Detroit, Michigan before moving the family to New York City and then Miami, Florida for his career.

These early years allowed Dr. Jorge to experience and appreciate much of the United States. These years were instrumental in forming Dr. Jorge’s views about medicine and society’s role in healthcare—from the socially volatile world of 1960s Detroit, to the hustle and bustle of 1970s New York City, to the vast immigrations that occurred in South Florida.

Dr. Jorge graduated magna cum laude from the University of Miami with a degree in chemistry. He received junior researcher grants and worked at the Papanicolau Research Institute in Miami, where he researched the proteins involved in breast cancer. He then attended the University of Miami School of Medicine where, in 1981, he treated his first patient with AIDS.

Dr. Jorge chose to pursue a career in internal medicine and completed his internship and residencies at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida and at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. The patients were primarily working class people who couldn’t afford healthcare in both of these hospitals.

Dr. Jorge concluded his medical education by pursuing a fellowship in gastroenterology at Baylor School of Medicine in Dallas, Texas. By contrast, Baylor was a private hospital primarily inhabited by the wealthy, upper-class of Dallas. It was here that Dr. Jorge noticed the efficiency of the private sector and the effect that access to health care could have on a person’s health.

Life and opportunity brought Dr. Jorge to California, where he began practicing gastroenterology in 1988. The AIDS epidemic was exploding at that time and very few physicians would treat people with HIV and AIDS, so Dr. Jorge shifted gears from his chosen field of gastroenterology to general medicine and HIV.

In the past twenty years, Dr. Jorge has developed an international reputation as a primary care physician and HIV researcher and lecturer. He has been part of some of the most groundbreaking HIV research and was one of the founders of the American Academy of HIV medicine. He’s also a past president of both the California chapter of the American Academy of HIV Medicine and the Board of Directors of AIDS Services Foundation Orange County.

But Dr. Jorge isn’t just an HIV specialist. He also has participated in numerous research protocols investigating treatments for Hepatitis C. He is board certified in internal medicine and is a fellow in gastroenterology. Dr. Jorge is fluent in both English and Spanish and lectures frequently about various general medical topics in both languages.

Dr. Jorge is also a frequent guest on many prominent news shows. For two years, he was the popular host of the medical segment One Hundred Years to Live on Whoopi Goldberg’s nationally syndicated radio show, Wake Up with Whoopi. Some topics he covered include: breast cancer, prostate cancer, HPV vaccine, vaccines and their association with autism, the latest drug craze among teenagers, and the common cold.

He has appeared numerous times on The View, The Doctors, and Good Morning America. On The Doctors, he performed an upper endoscopy, placed a small pH monitor into the patient’s esophagus, and discussed the treatment with the hosts and the patient.

Dr. Jorge is the author of the best-selling health and cook book, The Acid Reflux Solution. Dr. Jorge primarily focuses on a “preventative medicine model” at his private practice in Newport Beach, California. He believes that the individual isn’t just a person with an illness, but a complete person. He also claims that health doesn’t start by treating a disease, but by preventing it. That means that all facets of one’s health—physical, emotional, and spiritual—are crucial and should be united.