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Jolie Bookspan, M.Ed, PhD, FAWM

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Dr. Bookspan is an award-winning scientist known internationally for her work to make exercise healthier. As a researcher for university and military aerospace, warfare, and medicine divisions, she studied human performance and survival in extremes of exercise and environment: heat, cold, altitude, immersion, hyperbarics, G-forces, weightlessness, forensics, nutrition, and injury. She worked to find why common training and rehabilitation methods don't work, and what does, resulting in methods now used by SEAL teams, military, and top spine centers around the world, so successful, that clinicians at Harvard University Medical School named her, "The St. Jude of the Joints."

Dr. Bookspan studied in a dual doctorate in environmental physiology and sports medicine from Temple University Medical School and the Biokinetics Research Laboratory, postdoctoral studies in altitude decompression at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, fellowships and internships in orthopedic disorders and thermal physiology, and more than three dozen certification programs in injury management, fitness specialties, wound management, and others.

Far from the ivory tower, she carried gear up and down the mountains and deserts of India, Nepal, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa; swam to work in an underwater laboratory; breath-hold dived with the Ama diving women of Japan; and was professor of anatomy at a college in the mountains of Mexico where the entrance exam was getting up there without a nose-bleed.

Dr. Bookspan learned to scuba dive in the Hudson River in the 1960's and went on to become a scuba instructor and national-class distance freestyle swimmer with two Olympic bids and several open water swims in icy, winter rivers. She was an undefeated full-contact ring boxer and Muay Thai fighter, competing in the Netherlands and Thailand, and studying with the monks of Japan, Nepal, and Thailand. She and her husband Paul earned their black belts in the 1980's and were inducted into the International Black Belt Hall of Fame, with awards including 2004 Martial Arts Man and Woman of the Year and 2009 Instructors of the Year.

Dr. Bookspan is founding director of the Academy of Functional Exercise Medicine, working for international self-sufficient health for people and communities. Instead of membership dues, there are "do's" to do good. Join the fun at:

Dr. Bookspan says her most important awards and achievements are the notes she gets from patients and readers who use her methods to stop years of pain that they were told they "just had to live with." She invites you to use all she has worked for to make your health and life better than you ever thought possible.

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