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Brian Krans

Brian Krans

Author at: Healthline News

Brian Krans joined Healthline as an assistant editor in May 2009. His journalism experience spans several topics from crime reporting to medical technology.

While studying journalism at Winona State University, Brian made waves with his investigative reporting for the campus newspaper, The Winonan, on controversial stories regarding campus policies and recruitment tactics. He was awarded the Minnesota Newspaper Association's Investigative Story of the Year in 2002. He was also a reporter for the Winona Daily News. Following school, he worked for the Moline Dispatch/Rock Island Argus as a staff writer. He won several awards while there.

A native of Wisconsin, Brian is also an avid columnist, novelist, and short story writer. He's been published in an array of publications from ONE Magazine to Wired Magazine. When not writing, he's often skating through the streets of San Francisco and traveling around the country for freestyle rollerblading events.