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Generic: rhubarb preparation
treats Obesity, Gastrointestinal tract disorders, Renal failure, Hepatitis, Herpes, Sepsis, Nasopharyngeal carcinoma, Gingivitis, Nephritis, Pre-eclampsia, Gastrointestinal cancer surgery, Bleeding, Constipation, Hemorrhagic fever, Fatty liver, Aplastic anemia, Hypercholesterolemia, and Age-associated memory impairment

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This information is based on a systematic review of scientific literature, and was peer- reviewed and edited by contributors to the Natural Standard Research Collaboration ( Rebecca Bramwell, PharmD (Northeastern University); Nicole Giese, MS (Natural Standard Research Collaboration); Sayuri Fujita, PharmD (Massachusetts College of Pharmacy); Shaina Tanguay- Colucci, BS (Natural Standard Research Collaboration); Wendy Weissner, BA (Natural Standard Research Collaboration).


DISCLAIMER: Natural Standard developed the above evidence- based information based on a thorough systematic review of the available scientific articles. For comprehensive information about alternative and complementary therapies on the professional level, go to Selected references are listed below.

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