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a minerals and electrolyte - treats Burns, Infertility, Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, Skin damage caused by incontinence, Muscle cramps, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Exercise performance, Hepatitis C viral infection, Respiratory disease, Tinnitus, Sickle cell anemia, Fungal infections, Psoriasis, Alopecia, Lower respiratory infections in children, Gilbert's syndrome, Closed head injuries, Hepatic encephalopathy, Cystic fibrosis, Dandruff, Anorexia nervosa, Menstrual cramps, Crohn's disease, Kidney function, Cognitive deficits, Diarrhea, Stomatitis, Poisoning, Boils, Liver cirrhosis, Immune function, Pregnancy, Inflammatory bowel disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, Acne vulgaris, High cholesterol, Common cold, Taste perception, Down's syndrome, Hypothyroidism, Kwashiorkor, Blood disorders, Pneumonia, Plaque/ gingivitis, Parasites, Diabetic neuropathy, Malaria, Eczema, Leprosy, Growth, Chronic prostatitis, Trichomoniasis, Zinc deficiency, Diaper rash, Incision wounds, Viral warts, Herpes simplex virus, Mortality, Macular degeneration, Beta-thalassemia, Celiac disease, Bad breath, Leg ulcers, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Wilson's disease, Radiation-induced mucositis, Chronic inflammatory rheumatic disease, and Gastric ulcers

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Atomic number 30, Indian tin, pewter, polaprezinc, zinc acetate, zinc acexamate, zinc aspartate, zinc carbonate, zinc citrate, zinc chloride, zinc gluconate, zinc methionate, zinc methionine, zinc monomethioine, zinc oxide, zinc picolinate, zinc sulfate, Zink, ZN, Zn.

Brands used in clinical trials: A- 84, Articulin- F®, Astra, Curiosin® (zinc and hyaluronic acid), Herpigon, Nels Cream®, Orazinc®, Solvezink®, Virudermin Gel®, Zeta N, Zicam® Nasal Gel, Zincolak, Zincomed, Zineryt®, Zinvit- C250.


Zinc has been used since ancient Egyptian times to enhance wound healing, although the usefulness of this approach is only partially confirmed by the clinical data of today.

Zinc is necessary for the functioning of more than 300 different enzymes and plays a vital role in an enormous number of biological processes. Zinc is a cofactor for the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) and is in a number of enzymatic reactions involved in carbohydrate and protein metabolism.

Its immune- enhancing activities include regulation of T lymphocytes, CD4, natural killer cells, and interleukin II. In addition, zinc has been claimed to possess antiviral activity. It has been shown to play a role in wound healing, especially following burns or surgical incisions. Zinc is necessary for the maturation of sperm and normal fetal development. It is involved in sensory perception (taste, smell, and vision) and controls the release of stored vitamin A from the liver. Within the endocrine system, zinc has been shown to regulate insulin activity and promote the conversion thyroid hormones thyroxine to triiodothyronine.

Based on available scientific evidence, zinc may be effective in the treatment of (childhood) malnutrition, acne vulgaris, peptic ulcers, leg ulcers, infertility, Wilson's disease, herpes, and taste or smell disorders. Zinc has also gained popularity for its use in the prevention of the common cold.

The role for zinc is controversial in some cases, as the results of published studies provide either contradictory information and/ or the methodological quality of the studies does not allow for a confident conclusion regarding the role of zinc in those diseases.

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