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  • This creamy, warm, and fruity drink is the perfect start--or end--to any day. Add marshmallows and chocolate chips for an extra yummy drink.Explore Recipe »

  • This warming and festive salad is easy to prepare and just as easy to enjoy.Explore Recipe »

  • This is your classic potato salad that still packs a punch in flavour but won't make you pack on the weight. It also tastes great cold for lunch the next day.Explore Recipe »

  • This recipe showcases two of summer's tastiest flavors: tomato and basil. They're the perfect complement to each other and to crusty, rustic bread. Enjoy the taste of the season!Explore Recipe »

  • What’s more refreshing on a hot summer day than cool watermelon? Paired with a little mint, roasted red peppers and crisp fennel, this salad is sure to quench summer’s hottest days. Explore Recipe »

  • On a cold winter evening, nothing warms you up like a big bowl of chili. Although delicious by itself, you can top it with a little reduced-fat sour cream or a sprinkling of reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese.Explore Recipe »

  • Marinades are meant to enhance the flavor of meat and vegetables, not cover them up. Though you may be tempted, don't marinate the pork longer than 6 hours or you'll overpower the flavor of the pork.Explore Recipe »

  • This pasta is quick and easy for weeknight family dinners, but special enough for dinner parties.Explore Recipe »

  • This soup is brothier than traditional bean soups. If you prefer a thicker soup, remove and puree one cup of the beans before you add the escarole.Explore Recipe »

  • In our recipe for White Wine Poached Scallops, the poaching liquid is used as the base for the sauce, giving you rich flavor without extra fat. Explore Recipe »

  • Eating a diabetes-friendly diet can make the difference in your ability to keep your blood sugar levels under control. Explore Recipe »

  • To get the most flavor from your mushrooms, be sure to cook them until they're a dark golden brown. You'll get a deep, rich flavor unlike any other mushroom soup you've had before.Explore Recipe »

  • Risotto is a classic Italian dish usually made with Arborio rice and flavored with lots of Parmesan cheese. We've used the same risotto making method but substituted wild rice. We eliminated the cheese and used dried cranberries instead, giving it a very autumn flavor.Explore Recipe »

  • This colorful and flavorful dish packs in the nutrients, and the goat cheese adds a delicious creaminess.Explore Recipe »


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