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  • Omelet is an all time favorite breakfast recipe. If you are looking for some healthier option which is packed with the goodness of vegetables too, then try this colorful recipe. It is easy and simple to make and tastes amazing.Explore Recipe »

  • Simple, filling and tasty vegetable rice is a great way to get rid of those odd vegies left in the fridge. It could be a side dish, or perhaps a light lunch with plain yogurt.Explore Recipe »

  • This is the classic Shepherd's Pie with its creamy cheese and potato topping, and saucy bean and vegetable base.Explore Recipe »

  • Try this healthy twist on an old favorite that everyone can enjoy.Explore Recipe »

  • Split pea soup doesn’t need a ham bone to taste delicious! This vegetarian version is flavorful and satisfying, especially when paired with a slice of whole grain bread or toast. You can soak the split peas in water ahead of time (for 4 to 8 hours) to reduce the cooking time. Otherwise, you will have to simmer the soup for longer (1 to 2 hours in total) to enjoy tender peas.Explore Recipe »

  • Asian cuisine is often off-limits for people with food allergies – but not this Vietnamese-inspired dish!Explore Recipe »

  • Remember: Smoothies are not beverages, they're meal replacements, so keep their nutrition facts in mind when considering your overall diet plan. This fruity, slushy drink is a favorite among Caribbean vacationers. You can enjoy this non-alcoholic version anytime of the day--even for breakfast!Explore Recipe »


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