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  • This is a quick and easy popular curry in Northern India. Serve Rajma with plain boiled rice, naan bread, or alternatively it makes a great veg chilli on jacket potatoes with sour cream!Explore Recipe »

  • Looking for a quick and easy breakfast on the go? Smoothies are just the thing for busy folks. Make the tea ahead of time and store in the fridge for a quick breakfast as you’re headed out the door.Explore Recipe »

  • Although you may have fresh fruit at hand, frozen fruit makes a thicker and more colorful smoothie. Everything should be as cold as possible before placing it in the blender.Explore Recipe »

  • Unlike sorbets or ice creams, granitas don’t require an ice cream maker. In fact, all you need is a fork. Try mixing up the fruits, like honeydew and blueberries for example. Explore Recipe »

  • Originating from the south of France, ratatouille is a great way to use the summer's best vegetables or whatever vegetables you have on hand. Try swapping summer squash for zucchini, red or yellow bell peppers for green ones, and parsley for the basil.Explore Recipe »

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    A Paleo diet is one minus grains and dairy products. It’s rich in lean proteins, fresh fruits, and vegetables, along with any nut that grows on a tree, including coconuts. It’s meant to help us eat like we believe our Paleolithic ancestors ate, 10,000 years ago or more. Researchers and experts don’t agree on whether or not a Paleo diet is scientifically sound. That said, lean protein and fresh produce are excellent elements of a healthy diet. Most people can enjoy eating Paleo as long as they get plenty of the fiber they’re missing by cutting out whole grains. This recipe replaces beans, which aren’t Paleo-friendly, with bean-sized pieces of zucchini. A note about ingredients: There’s plenty of debate over whether Paleo can include wine. If wine is a part of your Paleo, include it here. If not, substitute beef broth.Explore Recipe »

  • Traditional Posole is made with pork butt or shoulder, which adds a lot of fat and calories and takes hours to make. By purchasing a rotisserie chicken from your local supermarket, this dish becomes easy to prepare with less fat and a lot of flavor.Explore Recipe »

  • This is a very hot curry. Therefore for the non-vegetarians it is a perfect accompaniment to rice. The meat is cooked mostly in its own juices making the dish flavorsome and delicious. Tomato puree and red chilies ground in water to make a sauce gives the curry its distinct color and heat. Explore Recipe »

  • The majority of the households in the Southern part of India wake up to the aroma of steaming Idlis, sizzling Dosas, or yummy Upma, every morning. All of these snacks need chutney to go along. Here is a recipe for special chutney that is not only healthier than cholesterol-aggravating coconut chutney, but also is extremely easy to make.Explore Recipe »

  • Instead of a tomato-based pasta sauce, this recipe uses red peppers, which are full of vitamin C and beta-carotene. Explore Recipe »

  • The creaminess of tahini and garbanzo beans balances nicely with the tanginess of the red pepper in this versatile dip. Spread it on sandwhiches in place of mayonnaise, compliment carrots and celery sticks, or scoop it up with pita wedges.Explore Recipe »

  • Make this chicken salad using leftover roasted chicken breasts for a quick and easy lunch option. Pomegranate seeds and arugula add some nice holiday color. Serve over a bed of mixed greens or in a sandwich.Explore Recipe »

  • Roasted with a garlic and black pepper crust, this pork loin is cooked with pears, onions and potatoes for a great side dish. Now that pork no longer needs to be cooked until well done to be safe, the USDA now recommends cooking pork to just 145° F for medium-rare to medium.Explore Recipe »

  • A great time-saver for quick meals is the roast chickens you can get at your local supermarket. Pick up two, one for dinner that evening and another for these tasty lunch wraps. They’re perfect to toss into your lunch bag.Explore Recipe »

  • These crispy roasted potatoes have a dynamic taste with the added herbs and lemon juice. Experiment; most fresh herbs work well in this recipe.Explore Recipe »

  • A sweet dried fig and port chutney compliments this easy to make pork recipe perfectly.Explore Recipe »

  • Autumn brings many new and different vegetables to the market, like fennel bulbs. Crisp and crunchy when raw, they cook up to a sweet and mellow dish with a slight flavor of black liquorice. Explore Recipe »

  • Rosemary is surprisingly versatile, but it just might go best with this lemon chicken recipe.Explore Recipe »

  • Amaranth is a gluten-free ancient grain with a sweet, slightly nutty flavor. Rich in protein, this delectable porridge is the perfect way to start your morning.Explore Recipe »

  • This is a great make-ahead soup that freezes beautifully. Double or triple it and freeze the leftovers for quick meals. Roasting the sweet potatoes before simmering will make the flavors more pronounced.Explore Recipe »

  • With the help of lemon zest to lift the flavor, this hearty salad fills you up without weighing you down. Add whatever root vegetables you have on hand.Explore Recipe »

  • This Spanish sauce is best made the day before using as this will give the flavors a chance to blend. It can be served with shrimp or vegetables.Explore Recipe »

  • Skewering the beef and tomatoes on rosemary sprigs adds a pop of flavor and makes a great-looking skewer. If you can't find fresh rosemary, simply thread on wood or metal skewers.Explore Recipe »

  • Rosemary is the only herb that is just as potent fresh as it is dried. No matter which type you're using, use the amount called for in the recipe. Be sure to not skip rinsing and draining the beans as this removes a large portion of the sodium.Explore Recipe »

  • Sweet with a little bit of bite, this side dish is accompanied well by pork and chicken. It's also delicious cold alongside fish or a baked potato.Explore Recipe »

  • Rice is the staple diet in most Indian households, but it can be a real challenge to cook it differently each time. Rustom rice can be prepared in a jiffy, so you need not restrict this brilliant recipe for those special occasions only. Transform boring plain rice into something more appealing and yummier.Explore Recipe »


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