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  • Uttapam is a favorite South Indian recipe, usually made of semolina and rice. This recipe is a healthy twist to the regular uttapam. Oats are healthy for heart and are a dieter's delight. This simple and easy recipe can be enjoyed both at breakfast and at lunch. It tastes best when served with coconut chutney.Explore Recipe »

  • The trick to great meatloaf is to never over-mix it before baking. One of the best ways to do this is to set the mixing spoon aside and use your hands to combine everything.Explore Recipe »

  • Bring home a pub favorite with this recipe! When working with onions with a pungent smell, soak slices in ice water for 10 to 15 minutes before cooking. This will pull out a lot of the overpowering aroma.Explore Recipe »

  • This is a great dish to customize to your own personal spicy preference. Try adding a spicy barbecue sauce or add a couple dashes, or glugs, or your favorite hot sauce. The orange marmalade is going to help tame the heat so have some fun!Explore Recipe »

  • Potassium is a key nutrient that is involved in nearly all of our major bodily processes. To stay healthy and keep your body in top condition, make it a priority to eat high-potassium foods, like sweet potatoes. Explore Recipe »

  • Barbecued shrimp is a staple across the south, especially in Louisiana, where cooking shrimp is considered an art form. Shrimp can overcook quickly and become tough and rubbery, so be sure to check it frequently while it's baking.Explore Recipe »

  • Barbecued tilapia is a quick and easy recipe for any time of the year. If shrimp is more to your liking, substitute 3 pounds of peeled and deveined large or extra-large shrimp for the fish, baking just until shrimp are cooked through.Explore Recipe »

  • For a truly authentic touch, serve it with plenty of malt vinegar for dipping! Explore Recipe »


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