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  • In most parts of the country butter beans and lima beans are one and the same. However, you may have some difficulty finding the dried variety labeled as butter beans. If you can't find either, almost any variety of dried white beans will work nicely.Explore Recipe »

  • Kababs are not only for non-vegetarians. There are several kabab recipes that can be enjoyed by vegetarians alike. Hare dal ke kabab is one of them. They are highly nutritious due to their high protein content. They can be eaten either at breakfast or as evening snacks. They taste best with mint-coriander chutney.Explore Recipe »

  • The only tricky thing about meringues is when you make them. Don't bake them when it's especially humid outside, or your meringue cookies may not get as crisp as you'd like.Explore Recipe »

  • Most quiches may look light, but they're typically loaded with fat and calories. By eliminating the crust and substituting a few lower-fat ingredients, this French classic can be enjoyed anytime without the guilt.Explore Recipe »

  • Add fresh or preserved green chilies to customize this dish to your desired taste and 'heat' preference.Explore Recipe »

  • Thick with hearty root vegetables, this chunky soup is great for a quick meal on a cool evening.Explore Recipe »

  • This lightly dressed coleslaw provides a healthy alternative to mayonnaise- and dairy-laden options.Explore Recipe »

  • Experimenting with ethnic ingredients is a great way to spice up healthy cooking. Hoisin sauce is used in Asian cooking and has an intense salty, sweet and spicy flavor. You can find it in the Asian section of most supermarkets.Explore Recipe »

  • Delicious homemade falafel inside warm pitta bread with lettuce and mint sauce, easy to make, fun to eat!Explore Recipe »

  • A standard of American cuisine, meatloaf gets a bad rap because of its high fat content. By replacing some of the high-fat ground beef with low-fat turkey, you eliminate much of the fat without sacrificing the flavor.Explore Recipe »

  • Coleslaw mix can be used for more than just coleslaw. Leave off the heavy, fat-laden mayonnaise dressing and swap it for something lighter. Don’t skimp on the cashews either; they give the salad a little boost of protein and a healthy crunch!Explore Recipe »

  • Scallops are easy to overcook. They cook very quickly and become tough in a matter of seconds. If scallops are too expensive or unavailable, you can substitute an equal amount of large peeled and deveined shrimp.Explore Recipe »

  • Buttery yet light, these cucumbers will soon become your favourite winter snack. Finely paired with a fresh salmon steak or tossed with some noodles.Explore Recipe »


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