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  • If you are watching your cholesterol, you may think that egg dishes like this frittata are off-limits. But this version, which uses egg substitute, keeps a limit on cholesterol and fat.Explore Recipe »

  • A North Indian dish, baingan bharta is an exotic combination of roasted eggplants and spices. The characteristic aroma of roasted eggplants blended with the spices makes this dish an irresistible preparation. It is eaten as a part of main course and tastes best with chapattis or parathas.Explore Recipe »

  • The artichoke is a great source of vitamin C, but that's an added bonus in this deliciously rich and creamy dip. Bring this to a dinner paty, and it will become your signature dish!Explore Recipe »

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    When you hear the word “pork,” don’t think “fat.” Depending on how you prepare pork, it can be a healthy source of protein that won’t break your budget or put pressure on your belt. A 4-oz. pork chop serves up about 230 calories, which won’t put most people over their calorie budget. It also provides 34 grams of protein — a great way to be sure you’re getting the recommended daily amount of protein for an adult. Baked pork chops are also a good source of B vitamins, and the minerals phosphorus and selenium.

    Serve these pork chops with healthy, nutrient-rich side dishes. Sweet potatoes are a great source for vitamin A and dietary fiber. Try our recipes for low-fat ginger-garlic mashed sweet potatoes, or coconut-curry mashed sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are packed with vitamin A and fiber. Also try serving with sautéed green beans, a good source of vitamins A, K, and C, topped with chopped almonds.

    Trim the fat from the pork chops in this recipe before you marinate.

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  • Baked eggs make a tidy little meal, especially when served with fruit and a slice of whole grain toast. They are also a surprisingly versatile vehicle for leftovers. For example, you could replace the tomato, spinach, basil, and turkey bacon in this recipe with a scoop of leftover chili, curry, vegetable stew, or beans and rice. Explore Recipe »

  • Before you reach for that bag of sour cream potato chips, check out this recipe and make your own! You'll get the same great flavor, but with half the fat!Explore Recipe »

  • Baked potato soup is an easy and inexpensive dish that serves up loads of comfort. Leave out the cheddar cheese and half & half at the end for a vegan version that's just as tasty.Explore Recipe »

  • Eating a diabetes-friendly diet can make the difference in your ability to keep your blood sugar levels under control.

    (Adapted from a recipe that sourced from

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  • Casseroles, like this baked pasta, are great make ahead choices. You can prepare this recipe through step 3, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. When you're ready for a fresh, delicious dinner, just remove the plastic wrap and put the dish in the oven.Explore Recipe »

  • Vinegars have sharp flavors that intensify when simmered. Here sweet balsamic vinegar is used as a simmering sauce for chicken breasts. Serve with a side of grilled onions and steamed broccoli.Explore Recipe »

  • Roasting brings out the natural sweetness and flavor of fresh cauliflower. Balsamic vinegar adds an additional touch of sweetness.Explore Recipe »

  • Ingredients like bananas, spinach, walnuts, and apples add a great boost of flavour to this smoothie to ensure that you get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals in one glass. Try different variations of fruits and vegetables to create different flavours.Explore Recipe »

  • Remember: Smoothies are not beverages, they're meal replacements, so keep their nutrition facts in mind when considering your overall diet plan. This alcohol-free version brings the flavors of the tropics together. Choose a very ripe banana to sweeten this smoothie up even more.Explore Recipe »

  • Banana Shake is a quick, simple and easy recipe that can be a perfect summer treat. It is also loaded with nutrients such as potassium and calcium and is enriched with the goodness of honey. It is quite filling and can be served to satisfy your mid day hunger pangs.Explore Recipe »

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    When you are following a specific diet plan, you have to make sure you know what you’re eating. Often, even seemingly innocuous things, like condiments and salad dressings, can put the ingredients you’re desperate to avoid back into your system. This basic paleo dressing will spice up your salad on its own, and can serve as a base for any number of other paleo salad dressings as noted in the variations listed below. When making this dressing be sure to always use a high-quality extra-virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice — with so few ingredients, it matters! Mix it all together in a half-pint glass jar and always refrigerate leftovers. Explore Recipe »

  • Every day is a new day when it comes to smoothies. Use this paleo-friendly recipe as a base, and customize it to your tastes. When you’ve mastered the basic smoothie, check out these other smoothies — one green, and one fruity!

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  • It's a little sweet, a little sour, and big on flavor. Packed with antioxidants, pomegranate juice is blended with fresh basil in this frozen treat, perfect for beating the heat of summer.Explore Recipe »

  • Leaving the golden beets raw keeps this slaw crunchy and makes a beautiful and healthy side dish. Explore Recipe »

  • Once a staple of Tuscan cuisine, farro fell out of favor when other wheat varieties were found to be easier to grow and harvest. Fortunately, it's making a comeback and can be found in many specialty or ethnic markets around the country.Explore Recipe »

  • Besan ka cheela is a simple Indian pancake recipe made of gram flour which is usually eaten as a snack. The cheela should be cooked on medium-high heat to give its characteristic crispiness. It tastes best when served hot with tomato or mint and coriander chutney.Explore Recipe »

  • Lower in fat and higher in protein than beef, bison is great if you're watching your diet. As with any ground meat, don't want to overwork the meat or it will get tough and dense.Explore Recipe »

  • Bitter gourd is often overlooked in the kitchen, because of its bitter and unappealing flavor. But diabetics, anemic people and those suffering from arthritis or any skin disease can benefit immensely from eating bitter gourd. Here is a recipe that transforms the bitter gourd in to better gourd. Enjoy!Explore Recipe »

  • Black chana chat is a healthy and sumptuous chat recipe that is usually eaten at breakfast or as a side dish. It is rich in iron and protein and has very low fat content as no oil is being used in its preparation. It is especially good for people who are on a weight loss diet. You can eat the chat either hot or cold as it tastes good both ways.Explore Recipe »

  • If you can't find frozen black-eyed peas, pick up the canned variety. Just make sure to rinse them at least twice to reduce the sodium added to preserve them.Explore Recipe »

  • Buttermilk is the liquid left behind after cream was churned into butter. Since almost all the fat is in the butter, buttermilk is naturally low in fat yet it still has a thick creamy texture. Today, commercially-made buttermilk comes in various fat amounts so be sure to look for the lowest.Explore Recipe »

  • Remember: Smoothies are not beverages, they're meal replacements, so keep their nutrition facts in mind when considering your overall diet plan. Tofu adds extra protein to this refreshing summertime treat, perfect for breakfast on the go.Explore Recipe »

  • This classic and delicious vodka cocktail can be made with orange juice, grapefruit, or even blood oranges. A refreshing drink, and perfect for summertime.Explore Recipe »

  • When apples are in season and you can find fresh apple cider fairly easily, try substituting sparkling apple juice with fresh apple cider and a splash of sparkling water.Explore Recipe »

  • Try serving apple confit over vanilla frozen yogurt or topped with low-fat Greek yogurt. It's equally delicious served over oatmeal for a new twist on breakfast.Explore Recipe »

  • If you've never tried fruit and pork together, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Peaches and pork are delicious by themselves, but when combined, they create a simple yet outstanding dish that's easy to prepare.Explore Recipe »

  • Like apples and potatoes, artichokes will oxidize (discolor) if left out in the open. Be sure to submerge them as soon as you're done trimming.Explore Recipe »

  • Try this flavorful, protein-packed dish.Explore Recipe »

  • To make the most of this dish, serve it slightly warm--not hot--and all the delicious flavors will really shine.Explore Recipe »

  • Sea bass has a wonderful flavour that, in this dish, is accentuated by a small amount of lemon zest and a mild vegetable broth. If sea bass isn't available, try substituting sea bream, haddock or grouper.Explore Recipe »

  • Both Brazil nuts and tilapia are good sources of selenium, a mineral shown to help ward off arthritis symptoms. What’s great about this recipe is that it’s quick enough for a weeknight dinner with the family, but can also be served to company as a fancier dish.Explore Recipe »

  • Traditionally, idli is made from a fermented rice and dal batter but we're making them from semolina. These quick fix versions hardly need time to put together and can be fortified with any vegetables of your choice. Serve hot with peanut and coconut chutney or just with your regular ketchup.Explore Recipe »

  • These breakfast muffins contain no oil and no sugar, making them virtually fat free. Don't just reserve them for breakfast but snack on them whenever hunger pangs strike. The addition of walnuts and raisins ensure you receive a healthy dose of essential omega 3-fatty acids while the fruits help in adding fiber.Explore Recipe »

  • Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish like halibut help keep blood pressure low and cut down your risk for developing blood clots. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends at least two servings of fish a week.

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  • Simple, flavourful, and a great way to use up those broccoli stalks that no one will eat. Throw in a couple of carrots if you don't have enough broccoli or cauliflower--they'll add nutritional content and a splash of colour.Explore Recipe »

  • This simple dish makes a stunning dessert or a great addition to brunch. Pink- and red-fleshed grapefruits are a good source of lycopene, an antioxidant that has been studied for its possible cancer-protective properties, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Grapefruit is also an excellent source of Vitamin C.Explore Recipe »

  • Broiling is a great alternative to grilling, since it cooks food quickly while producing a flavorful, golden brown exterior. The next time your barbecue plans are rained out - or any time you feel like a succulent, low-fat meal - we challenge you to give broiling a try. Explore Recipe »

  • Eating more brown rice is one way to increase the amount of whole grains in your diet—and with this recipe it also tastes great. Perfect alongside roasted meats and poultry, or try it mixed with your favorite vegetables for a main dish.Explore Recipe »

  • Browning the butter before tossing with the cooked Brussels sprouts gives this side dish a nutty flavor. When browning the butter be sure to watch it carefully since it goes from brown to burnt in no time flat. Explore Recipe »

  • Gnocchi are Italian potato dumplings you can find either frozen or in the pasta aisle. They can be served immediately after boiling or quickly saut?ed for a wonderful golden brown and crunchy exterior.Explore Recipe »

  • Try this wheat-free granola topped with almond milk or soy yogurt for an energizing breakfast.Explore Recipe »

  • This smooth and silky autumnal soup is perfect with a chunk of buttered, crusty bread and a mug of hot tea. Experiment with different beans to create an array of textures, colours and flavours.Explore Recipe »

  • Rich, tart buttermilk gives biscuits a wonderful flavor, but this recipe is lighter, low-fat version. Serve these biscuits any time of day: with eggs and sausage in the morning or in place of rolls at the dinner table.Explore Recipe »

  • This golden, bell-shaped squash is one of the iconic vegetables of autumn. Simmered gently until tender, this soup purees to a velvety smooth texture.Explore Recipe »

  • This soup is rich with the flavors of autumn. It's simple enough to prepare for a quick evening at home but is also rich and delicious enough for special occasions.Explore Recipe »


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