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Sunday Funnies: Super Bowl Score, You Say...?

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By Amy Tenderich on February 1, 2015

Are you ready for some football?!

Yep, it's Super Bowl Sunday and there are likely many Diabetes Community peeps tuned in to the big game...

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Dexcom SHARE Direct Approved By FDA
New Dexcom mobile health system allows app-based sharing of real-time CGM data.

Spare a Rose, Save a Child
Third annual #SpareARose campaign begins in D-Community from Feb. 1-14, 2015.

American Idol and Diabetes
Adam Lasher appears on reality TV show, playing guitar and singing while showing off his Dexcom G4.

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By WilD on January 31, 2015
Happy Saturday, and welcome back to our weekly advice column, Ask D’Mine, hosted by veteran type 1, diabetes author and educator Wil Dubois. This week, Wil responds to a scared mom's concerns about her teen daughter's multiple health conditions on top of diabetes. It's a delicate conversation and Wil does what he can to help assure this mom that all will be OK.

Around the #DOC Blogosphere in January 2015

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Welcome to our monthly roundup of outstanding blog posts from across the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). While much of the country is going through another cold snap and some of our friends on the East Coast are maneuvering massive snow, we're happy to send some warm fuzzies to those providing DOC highlights that caught our eye in January.

American Idol Contestant Adam Lasher: His First Interview On Diabetes!

By MikeH on January 29, 2015
On Jan. 22, fellow type 1 Adam Lasher appeared on American Idol before a three-celeb panel to play guitar and sing an original tune, breezing through to the next round while also showing off his black Dexcom G4 CGM clipped to his guitar strap. They even joked about his 'Robotic Pancreas," bringing some D-Awareness to national TV!

NEWSFLASH: Dexcom's CGM Data-Sharing Gets More Mobile (with Product Details)

By MikeH on January 28, 2015
If you want your Dexcom G4 continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to talk to your smartphone and be able to share real-time data from anywhere, then this recent news from the FDA is something you'll definitely be interested in. At the end of last week, the FDA approved Dexcom's new SHARE Direct system...

My Mail Order Prescription Nightmare

By MikeH on January 27, 2015
I am no longer surprised by the delays and lack of common sense from those who send me diabetes supplies. Really, it's become an expectation that chaos and frustration are par for the course every time I try to fill a prescription by mail order. My latest mail order nightmare involves the notorious Express Scripts, the third-party benefits manager that my insurer Anthem BCBS requires me to go through.


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