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Ask D'Mine: On Blinking Insulin Pumps and Bolus Guesses

By WilD on January 24, 2015

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Happy Saturday, DiabetesMine Friends!

With this being our first weekend here at our new Healthline home, we wanted to make sure you knew about our frank and fun diabetes advice column called Ask D'Mine. It's hosted weekly by the esteemed Wil Dubois, who's not only living with type 1 diabetes himself but also a well-established diabetes author and educator at a community clinic in New Mexico.

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About DiabetesMine

Welcome to DiabetesMine — a gold mine of information and encouragement created by and for people impacted by diabetes, in the form of “a diabetes newspaper with a personal twist.”

Since its inception in 2005, DiabetesMine has won a number of awards and accolades, including the 2013 Sharecare / American Diabetes Association distinction of “No.1 diabetes influencer site in the country.”

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New Dexcom SHARE Direct allows real-time app-based sharing of CGM data.

'Robotic Pancreas' Makes Appearance On American Idol
Carlos Santana's nephew Adam Lasher shows off Dexcom G4 during live performance.

State of the Union: It's Time to Cure Diabetes
President launching new precision medicine initiative.

Latest Entries

Welcome to DiabetesMine at!

By AmyT on January 23, 2015
Welcome to our new home, everyone! We are delighted to welcome you to the refreshed and updated DiabetesMine blog here at Healthline. For those of you who don't know us, we are a patient-led publication and advocacy team that's been around for 10 years.

#FliptheClinic Seeks Ideas to Disrupt Healthcare

By AmyT on January 21, 2015
Yes, I know — another catchy “let’s disrupt healthcare” hashtag/campaign. Is there any meat behind it? And as we go about our lives with diabetes, why should we care? That was my reaction too, when I first started hearing about the new #FliptheClinic project, found at

If Insulin Pumps Could Talk… (It’s in the Works)

By MikeH on January 20, 2015
Every day, I look at my insulin pump screen and push the buttons to give myself the medication that keeps me alive. I’m lucky, because I can see what I’m doing. But many can’t. And with diabetes, I am afraid that someday, I might become one of those folks who can’t see well enough to use this life-sustaining device that I’ve depended on for 14+ years now.

Diabetes Pipelines & Opps: From the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

By MikeH on January 19, 2015
At the start of every year, the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference hits San Francisco. With lots of men in suits running this way and that, it looks more like an East Coast event than what you’d expect in the California Bay Area. And really, it’s a big investor-fest, where healthcare companies gather to update the financial world on their standings in the context of their respective markets.

Sunday Funnies: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

By AmyT on January 18, 2015
When winter temperatures plunge, we PWDs (people with diabetes) face ever new challenges. And Necessity is the Mother of Invention, of course. Thanks to the talented Terry Keelan, a type 1 in southern California who’s continuing his If Diabetics Ran The World series of cartoons. Always appreciated, Terry!


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DiabetesMine Accolades

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