A little Monday Madness, postponed this week to start your back-to-work New Year off with a smile.

How do you know you're diabetic? When...

Any restaurant bragging about it's amazing "pasta & pizza" is your definition of a Torture Chamber.

A really great day for you is defined as "90-120" -- which means nothing to most people you know.

Your "personal mission statement" is... um, "90-120." Ditto on the 2nd statement above.

Unexplained electronic beeps make you start frisking yourself, and/or your pockets or purse -- and you're the only one in the room NOT searching for your cell phone.

Just hearing the word "dessert" makes your blood sugar rise.

You keep a calculator in right next to the napkins in your kitchen.

Eating a piece of fruit has become a MAJOR EVENT in your life.

Any word that starts with "glu" makes you wince.

You find teeny tiny blood stains on lots of your shirts, and near jacket pockets -- despite the fact that you use the "lick method" a lot.

You constantly have the feeling that your life is a science experiment, and it's NOT just your imagination.

Did you know, btw, that there was a Facebook Group on this exact topic? Yup, that group has over 1,000 members. (OK, there are hundreds of diabetes groups on Facebook, but this, IMHO, is the funniest one.) Do excuse the obscenity, but I just couldn't resist posting this little graphical gem from member Amber Munoz:


A few of my faves from their list (You Know You're Diabetic When...)

You say that you feel "high" in public and then wonder why people around you give you weird looks.

You have a debate about the best and worse glucose tab flavors, and take it seriously.

You think regular soda tastes completely disgusting.

You are abnormally good at multiplying by 15. Thank you, carb counting.

Sort of bittersweet, isn't it, knowing that thousands of other people "get" these? What would you say is the biggest telltale sign that someone's part of the PWD Club?

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