I always have bad luck in gift exchanges. I knock myself out trying to find the perfect gift for my "Buddy," and then I get something so cheaply made or inappropriate for me that I could cry.  Not to be a whiner, but I thought it might be fun to share some of our worst holiday gifts ever.  Here's my Top 10 list, in countdown order:

10) A plastic Snoopy change-holder (bad because I was over 18 at the time and it came from someone who had possibly the world's largest collection of Snoopy paraphernalia)

9) Pink plastic bow earrings that fell apart the second time I wore them. (OK, that was 20 years ago in High School, but apparently I'm still bitter)

8 ) A slate-blue snow cap (which my Yiddish Aunt and Uncle called a kupke) that literally unraveled the FIRST time I wore it. ("Made in China" years ago...)

7) A pair of home-knitted mittens that were more suited to fit the cat; still, I was somehow expected to show up in them now and again with a smile on my face

6) During an office "Secret Santa" deal, a Snowy Christmas Globe with Santa Claus in the middle (didn't that fun-gay-guy in the office get the memo that I'm Jewish?  Geez, I was loud enough about it)

5) A cocktail shaker, from my husband's siblings, back when I was the only one in the family who didn't drink (I guess they figured who'd get the most use out of that ;) )

4) A bottle of the signature perfume of a woman I used to work with; yes, I complimented her on it once, but that doesn't mean I wanted to smell exactly like her

3) A teeny-tiny party purse made of beautiful mother-of-pearl, that I will never in my life be able to use because it fits exactly NO diabetes supplies

2) A box of luscious Godiva Chocolates from my co-workers, shortly after I'd announced to the team that I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes (d'oh!)

1) In more recent years, a "gourmet pancakes" gift basket contraining real maple syrup and several bags of different variety whole-wheat pancake mix (I'll let y'all guess why that one sucked)

Too bah-humbug for you?  Sorry, sarcasm is my specialty — especially during the season of Frosty-the-Snowman Muzak.  So what were some of your (NOT) "best holiday gifts ever"?

[Editor's Note: this is not to discourage anyone from merrily participating in the 1st Annual Diabetes Community Secret Santa event - heck, I'm taking my chances.  Get your jolly on HERE]

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