Powder form? Are they kidding me? Am I the only one mystified by the concept of new inhalable insulin? How the heck does dosing work?


Exubera. Sounds fun, ay? Apparently one inhales it before meals using a device which I'm assuming looks like an asthma inhaler. So how much is a unit, I wonder? And how can the inhaler set unit dosages precise enough for insulin-sensitive folks like me, who respond to half-units of the injectable kind? Exubera inhaled insulin

Innovation 2015


And since one of the key features of "pulmonary delivery" is its fast onset, how easy would it be to suck in too much Exubera and pass out right there at the dinner table? Or get a major high if you don't inhale deep enough? (Perhaps training by seasoned potheads?)


Naturally doing away with shots appeals, and the idea is that more Type 2 diabetics would be willing to move to insulin therapy for better control. BUT there's also the concern about lung damage in the long-term. Scary! As noted, those long-term risks and complications aren't clear until, well, the long-term... Will Pfizer be paying us millions for lung damage in a class-action suit somewhere down the line?


There's also the possibility that we'll be snorting insulin soon. Stay tuned.

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