Anybody heard about the new rockin' CD called Skinny Songs compiled by Silicon Valley venture capitalist Heidi Roizen? Apparently Oprah, Martha Stewart and even Julie Chen of CBS News are all fans.

I got my "review copy" in the mail last week and listened on my way to the gym. What fun! EverythingSkinny_songs from the title track "Skinny Jeans" (lyrics by entreprenuer Heidi herself) to the country twang of "Objects in the Mirror (Will Get Thinner Than They Now Appear)" to the rappin' tones of "You Da Boss" had me tapping my toes and ready to aerobicise.

Have I mentioned, btw, that my gym is located just 3 doors down from a See's Candy factory? Sometimes the air is so thick with the aroma of toasting sugar that I'm afraid I'll go into DKA just walking across the parking lot. Oh, cruel fate of locations!

Anyhoo, the Skinny CD is surprisingly well done. As in, you might like this music even if you didn't care about dieting and getting in shape. A few fave stanzas of mine:

This is your willpow'r talking

This is your willpow'r talking

I know that it's tasty

But hey now don't be hasty

'cause you don't need that cupcake

No, that'd be a mistake

And I know that it's callin'

But hey now don't be fallin'

No no, no no no, don't be fallin...

Cause You Da Boss

No no, no no no, don't be fallin...

Cause you dat, You Da Boss

* * *

Got myself a private chef

Who serves me what I should be eatin'

But that didn't solve my problem yet

Because I'm always cheatin'

(I jus' wanna be)

Thin! -- I don't deny it. Thin! -- I wanna try it

Thin! -- but I can't buy it. Guess I'll have to di- di- diet

Thin! -- not telling you lies. Thin! -- I want smaller thighs

Thin! -- but I realize, I guess I'll have to exercise

Thin! — If all it took was money, I'd look like a Playboy Bunny!

* * *

You get the idea. Order CDs and get info on the artists and lyrics at Or download the music off iTunes. Enjoy!

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