Yesterday morning at the gym it happened again.  I had to make frequents stops for water during my cardio kick box class. (No really, I didn't welcome the interruptions!)  As usual, I surveyed the room full of sweating people and rhetorically asked, What's the matter with these people?  Why don't they drink?? 

I leave trails of used cups and glasses around the house.  I never pass a drinking fountain without stopping.  I had a sneaking suspicion it might be connected to the diabetes (what isn't?)

Dry_mouth_1 And then I got back to my office and found this email from some PR folks at GlaxoSmithKline about DRY MOUTH.  (What a coinkydink, as my daughter would say!)  Yes, dry mouth, also known as Xerostomia, "is one of the more prevalent health conditions" experienced by people with diabetes.  Really??  Who knew... 

I learned that dry mouth is a common side effect of more than 400 drugs.  And reports indicate that one in four adults, including those with and without diabetes, experience chronic dry mouth -- which can lead to decay and of course bad breath, and OMG stop me here.

Apparently traditional treatments include special food preparation (think mush), sucking on sugarless candy, using a humidifier, and even artificial saliva (available over-the-counter - yuck!).

But GSK has something special for us too: Oasis Moisturizing Mouthwash and Mouth Spray, from the makers of Sensodyne.  Get your free samples here.  From other providers, there's also Biotene, ZAPP Gum, and Thayer's Natural Remedies, to name a few.

I thought you might like to know, in case you're a chronic drinker like me.

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