Here we are, a month into 2014 already!

Despite the crazy weather that's left much of the U.S. in the frozen tundra (including Mike over in the Midwest), there's been a lot of outstanding diabetes writing going on this month. We're pleased to continue with our monthly recap of favorite D-blog posts from around the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) that we kicked off back several years ago.

Below is the list of what caught our eye in this first month of 2014.

As always, we'd love to receive suggestions from you on showcase-worthy posts for next month!


With this winter bringing much colder temps than many of us have ever experienced before, it's a great time to be thinking of flu vaccines... fellow PWD Mike Lawson shares some thoughts on those "other kind of shots" on his personal blog, Socially Diabetic.

We at the 'Mine were sad to miss out on the third annual Medtronic Diabetes Advocate Forum in early January, but it was nice to be able to participate virtually via the DOC chat on Twitter and through the MANY outstanding posts penned by fellow D-peeps who attended. The Medtronic Loop blog has a great wrap-up of these. We especially liked the reports from Kim Vlasnik, Kelly Kunik, and Scott E, who wrote about becoming inspired to advocate. We also liked how Bennet Dunlap created a survey to help carry on the conversations.

Speaking of Kim V and her incredibly inspiring You Can Do This campaign, we were thrilled to see her team growing with some other very well known names from the D-community. Happy to see more PWD friends joining in these great grassroots initiatives!

Sadly, our community lost a very passionate friend and diabetes advocate this month, RIP Barbarawith the passing of Barbara Bancroft (affectionately known to many of us on TuDiabetes as jrtpup). Fellow PWD Manny Hernandez wrote a heartfelt post on his personal blog about her and how this loss has made him feel. Like him and many DOC friends, we will miss her greatly and our thoughts are with her family during this very difficult time.

Another thing that made our hearts contract and tears well up was a post by D-Mom Alyson Cheatham, whose young son was diagnosed at 17 months old in November 2013. The piece, titled Moments of Normalcy on her new blog The Diabetic Journal, really calls for some DOC love, especially as we head into February...

We were also very sorry to hear about our friend Wil Dubois (aka: our Ask D'Mine columnist) experiencing some recent health challenges, but reading his story on Life After Dx about facing chicken pox as an adult with diabetes has been eye-opening re: dangers we might not normally be thinking about. We so hope you're feeling better and on the mend, Wil!

Kris Freeman

On a lighter note, we were excited to hear the news that fellow PWD and pro skier Kris Freeman is making his 4th appearance in the Winter Olympics, and even better is the fact that we can follow some of his adventures by reading his diabetes blog... how cool is that?! Kris, you're another great inspirational addition to the DOC!

Ever wonder what the full story of your A1C history looks like? Well, Melissa Lee at Sweetly Voiced has charted out 23 years of her numbers and turned that into a pretty impressive snapshot of what she's experienced throughout her D-lifetime. Wow!


Type 1 PWD Renza Scibilia in Australia is always a pleasure to read, but a recent post on her Diabetetogenic blog really speaks to the heart about what connects us all in the D online community. Well said, Renza!

The DOC is full of bloggers, but have you ever noticed that a majority of them are women (especially when it comes to the D-Parents and those wonderful mommy bloggers)? Well, D-Dad Tom Karlya wonders "Where Are the Daddies?" Good question, Tom.

D-Mom Meri Schuhmacher, with 3x the D-kids to supervise, is thinking about "messing up" -- along with some great GIFs to illustrate her point (and readers' reactions). She has a great lesson to share about how we navigate our D-Life mishaps.

Our old friend Rachel is back to diabetes blogging, starting up the Refreshing D this month, and among her new posts was one with perfect timing given the President's recent State of the Union address... She offers a window into the "State of the D" in her world. Great comeback, Rachel!

teflon or velcro

This well-written post by our type 2 friend Mike Durbin over at My Diabetic Heart explores how he wants to be more like teflon than velcro -- a consistency lesson that many of us can take to heart when it comes to dealing with diabetes ups and downs all the time.

We insulin pump and CGM-clad PWDs often like to joke about how bionic we feel, and that's something UK-based blogger Laura Cleverly experienced recently when trying out a continuous monitor at her doctor's behest. Don't worry, Laura -- we're not too much like robots :)

Eating disorders are a very real concern for many in the diabetes community, and fellow type 1 Lee Ann Thill shares a vividly honest account about how she has grappled with this issue. Please click over to The Butter Compartment to read her post, How I Learned To Breathe. Bravo for telling this story and bringing more awareness to such a serious topic, especially with National Eating Disorders Awareness Week coming up Feb. 23-March 1, 2014.


Please email us your D-post picks for the month of February (a little DOC Love for Heart Day!) We look forward to hearing from you!


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