Darn it, it's tough returning from vacation. Somehow you feel like your life is all loose ends, and man, are you behind on tying things up!  Diabetes sort of makes you feel that way all the time though, doesn't it?  As I attempt to "un-bury" and get back into my "more responsible" routine, it occurred to me that a list might help (or not...)


Ten Things I Should Definitely Do More Often

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1. Count my carbs more precisely. (Grrrrrr)

2. Check my blood sugar. (D'oh)

3. Clean out my office.

3.5 Dose insulin for those little nibbles that often happen throughout the day.

4. Update my Facebook page. (It's Twitter's fault, really)

5. Read all the other wonderful diabetes blogs. And comment! God knows I wish I had more time for that.

6. Discover new diabetes blogs/sites. So many amazing people out there opening up about their lives with the 'betes.  To name just a few I have managed to find recently:  Catherine, KellyChristopher, and Bob. Good focus-control-hobbystuff.

7. Get my A1c test (yeah, it's been a while — oh, please don't scold, I'm only human too)

8. Take my girls to Starbucks. Or the movies. Or better yet, the playground.

9. Eat vegetables. And fruits (in moderation of course, and in combination with a protein choice — blah, blah, blah)

10. Go on vacation.


Have I missed anything? Let me know...


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