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Please humor me as I declare today official "Tell-Another-Person-About-DiabetesMine Day."  Self-serving?  I guess so.  But I figure after winning that journalism award I can indulge just a bit.  Also, if Mr. "Insider" over at PharmaGossip can do it, so can I.  After all, I'm busting my chops for my online community, too.  So, with apologies to Jack, I echo:Celebrityaspx

Thank you so much for your loyalty and discerning good taste in choosing as part of your daily blogging ritual.

It warms my little D-heart to know that so many of you are such firm fans.

Could I now ask a small favor, please?

News nuggets from around the diabetes community

American Diabetes Association Names New CEO
Non-profit leader Kevin L. Hagan named as new chief exec of national diabetes org after six-month search.
FDA Approves New Basal Insulin
Sanofi's Troujeo has 'flatter profile' of action that helps to avoid lows.
Daytona Win for Racecar Driver with Diabetes!
Type 1 driver Ryan Reed wins first NASCAR series race at Daytona on Feb. 21.

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Could you each find someone to share your little secret with?

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