So my designer friend and I finally got around to addressing the visibility issue here onOoglyglasses we've made the font in the sidebars bigger and easier to read, and altered the background color to look a little less mustardy and "cooler." Whaddy'all think? Is it cooler? Are you still squinting over your glasses? Or can those diabetic eyes take it all in without a struggle now?

And speaking of edits, here's a DIABETES HEADLINE that could use one. "Never seen a better example of the dangers of omitting a hyphen!" writes my new friend from Canada Dr. Ian Blumer. How true! I had a good laugh (after the big gasp, that is).

Dr. Blumer, btw, is a very down-to-earth and upbeat endo who's written several books and recently appeared on dLife TV. Check out his Practical Guide to Diabetes homepage.

News nuggets from around the diabetes community

NEWSFLASH: FDA Clears Dexcom Share Direct
Dexcom gets regulatory approval of its 'on-the-go' mobile apps for CGM data-sharing.
Snail Uses Insulin to Poison Fish
New study shows these slow-moving creatures use toxic form of insulin to capture prey.
A New Square Patch Insulin Pump
Israeli company developing new reusable square insulin pump that has Bluetooth for smartphone communication.

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