Show and Tell today, Friends!

I received my demo kit of the Solo tubeless insulin pumping system the other day. That's the would-be competitor to OmniPod which was acquired by Roche Diabetes last month. It's not yet on the market — in fact, not slated to be available until 2012, but you can order a free sample "pod" to give the thing a try if you're very curious. I was.

Too bad you can't get a good look at the controller yet, but in any case, they're pushing a supposedly superior "pod" design as the big competitive advantage — even going so far as to call the Solo "the first truly discreet insulin dispensing system" (which sounds like a slam to OmniPod to me).



Funny, it didn't look that much smaller than the OmniPod:



But the adhesive around the patch pump was thinner, for sure. Not sure that's a good thing in terms of pulling up/off ...



Once I got it on, it definitely didn't look smaller. That was the first thing my husband said (besides, What? You need two now??)



Then I tried detaching. Finding just the right place to push and wiggle it off wasn't that easy, but wow! I could detach!!



Look Ma, no pump! The "cradle" was quite comfortable...



I started daydreaming of hot-tubbing without worries... We might even get one in our backyard some day (yeah, right after the gajillion-dollar house remodel we're about to start -grrr).



So the upshot is:

I liked it. A nice design and comfortable to wear.

Smaller or fundamentally better than OmniPod? I wouldn't say so, no.

The big competitive advantage is, after all, being able to detach. That will be some breakthrough freedom for us OP users who hate to waste expensive pods and insulin.

I have no inside knowledge of this, but I would be shocked if Insulet wasn't working on a way to make the OmniPod detachable as well. Hello, real-life needs of people with diabetes!


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