How are you celebrating World Diabetes Day this year? I'm heading out to San Francisco to see the historic Ferry Building lit up in blue, thanks to my great blogging and awesome advocate friends Manny Hernandez and Kelly Close.

blue_circle_for_diabetessvgI hope to also grab a drink with dLife TV co-host Jim Turner. I love that WDD presents such a great opportunity to connect with other PWDs from all over the country and all over the world. Can't wait to see images of all those monuments lit up in effervescent blue!

Speaking of eating and drinking and celebrating on this historic day, I'd like to introduce you all to a new sound sensation in our D-Community, ShugaSheen.


ShugaSheen is the rap stylings of our good friend Mr. Ninjabetic George Simmons, and the fab-U-lus Cherise Nicole. Here is their inaugural track, recorded specially for WDD:

You can download "All the Diabetics" for free, here.

Of course it's a bit of goofy fun, but is there a serious side to Cherise and George's hip-hop alter egos (Suga and Sheen) as well:

"We know it's silly but the words to the song are great for both type 1's and 2's. It's not about insulin or pumps. It is about knowing carbs, testing your blood, and we even take on the diabetes police.

"The idea behind SugaSheen was to make a fun video that was not only entertaining but educational. One thing all types of people with diabetes should know is what the carb count is in what they are eating, and they should test their blood glucose levels. After that, it really depends on their treatment and how they manage their disease but these two things we can all relate too.

We also were able to take a shot at the Diabetes Police. I know in my life I have been told by people that I flat out cannot eat something when they have no clue, no respect for my knowledge, and frankly no tact.

In the end, we think we made a fun video to a tune most people already know. We hope this will stick in your heads and you will remember that if you want it then you need to know the carbs in it and if you want it then you've got to know your blood sugar."

Happy WDD to Suga and Sheen, and to all my PWD friends, and their friends, and so and so on!


And please don't forget, at 2pm your time today, to test and post your blood sugar levels for the BIG BLUE TEST — the largest online "test-in" in history! You can read about it, and post your results here.


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