Actually I don't know the first thing about manipulating SEO.  Sure wish I did.  But I thought it would be fun to go Kerri's route (and David's) today and take a look at the top 10 ways people have found their way to DiabetesMine recently.  According to my stats tracker, the most common search terms of late are:

  • Januvia (the smackdown!)
  • Abbott Navigator (it's new)
  • numbed fingers and diabetes (you too?)
  • girlfriends true amazing stories (no clue, but I love this one ;) )
  • people with diabetes live every day like a struggle (weeellll...)
  • medical benefits of marijuana for diabetes (just once)
  • medicinal bong (the Exubera legend lives on)
  • need a smaller container for my diabetic test strips (Indeed!)
  • fun stuff (who exactly looks for this?)
  • incoherent, doing weird stuff, diabetic (yup, sometimes sh** happens)

Have you every Googled yourself, by the way?  It's kind of eerie.  Especially with that new Google Suggest feature that shows the number of times each keyword has been searched for, right there as you're typing them in.  And to think, just a dozen short years ago, we couldn't even imagine what a "search engine" was.

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