Have you heard about the program cosmetics company Revlon has launched that could provide a whopping $1 million or more to some awesome charity groups in our Diabetes Community?

Yep, it’s true!

Revlon Million Dollar Challenge 2016Now in its second year, the Revlon LOVE IS ON 2016 Million Dollar Challenge is all about helping organizations that support women’s health causes (and by extension more general health issues). In the inaugural year, Revlon donated $1.4M and helped more than 100 charities bring in $4.18M across the board. This year, 150 different charities are participating, and the top prize of $1M will go to one particular charity with the other contenders receiving smaller amounts.

One of the finalists -- that needs our help to stay in the running -- is Beyond Type 1, a one-year-old org aimed at encouraging and supporting PWDs, fighting misconceptions and raising money for research. Among those involved are some big-name D-celebs like actor Victor Garber, chef Sam Talbot, singer Nick Jonas, and pageant winner and advocate Sierra Sandison, and it's already garnered a lot of support in our online community.

Three other diabetes-specific groups are also participating in the Revlon Challenge: Brittle Diabetes Foundation, Diabetes Hands Foundation, and Joslin Diabetes Center.

As of our deadline mid-Thursday, the groups had collectively raised $313,194, with Beyond Type 1 raking in the lion's share of $311,723.

The final day to enter this challenge and donate is Oct. 26, so please read on for details, provided by fellow D-peep Mary Lucas of Beyond Type 1.

The Revlon Challenge Opportunity, by Mary Lucas

Mary LucasHey everyone! I’m Mary, the Community Partners + Programs Manager at Beyond Type 1.

That’s the professional hat I wear, but personally I’ve had type 1 diabetes for 18 years now. Despite having the disease for so long, I still maintain a sunny and positive outlook! I regularly share my experiences and what I have learned online and love being able to help others with this disease.

The past five weeks in the Beyond Type 1 office (in Menlo Park, CA) have been pretty crazy (in the best way possible) as we try to win the Revlon Million Dollar Challenge.

This Revlon LOVE IS ON Million Dollar Challenge is a six-week challenge involving 150 non-profit organizations, competing to raise the most money in an effort to win an extra $1 Million from Revlon. It's basically a fundraising race to see who can raise the most money for their cause between Sept. 14 at 12pm ET and Oct. 26th at 2pm ET. The org that raises the most wins an additional million-dollar donation from Revlon, while the 2nd through 5th place organizations win "bonus donations" as outlined here. Each charity keeps their own money raised, along with bonuses earned along the way.

It would be amazing to have a non-profit focused on type 1 diabetes win, to receive the check on a stage filled with Revlon executives and celebrities like spokeswomen Olivia Wilde and Halle Berry! The press and added exposure would be tremendous not only for Beyond Type 1 but for the entire diabetes community.

Imagine if we could alleviate some of the mental burden for people living with type 1 by educating the public about T1D and what the disease means -- reducing some of that stigma, raising awareness and putting T1D in the national spotlight are just a few of the added benefits.

Since this effort began in September, our group’s leadership and ambassadors have been serving as “captains” -- owning a day to reach out to their networks and asking people to join our efforts. We would not have made it through the last six weeks without this group. Our ambassadors have thrown events like wine tastings, BBQs, and lots of lemonade stands. 

We have put a lot of time and energy into our strategy and feel really proud we are in the top five (out of 150, remember?!).

Now we need the help of everyone in the D-Community to help us win.

If each of our Beyond Type 1 community members – totaling more than 300,000 across our social platforms -- gave just $10, it would equate to $3 million! Just imagine what could happen if everyone gets involved in a small way -- the result would be so powerful. And if non-members also chip in, imagine how far we could go!

You might be wondering how your money is used when you donate to Beyond Type 1. We believe in funding to support three efforts: to educate, advocate and cure. Our goal is to help people living with T1D today while working towards a cure for tomorrow. A cure is what we are all going for, but in the meantime people need to be supported in their daily lives with the disease, and that is what we are here for.

We are unique in that our Leadership + Founding Friends cover 100% of our operational costs allowing 100% of every dollar you donate to have a powerful and direct impact on the type 1 community. A portion of these donations are invested in our native programs such as our Snail Mail Club, the Beyond Type 1 App, Education Initiatives and Resources, Camp Sessions, and the DKA Prevention/T1D Awareness initiative we are rolling out nationwide. (You can learn about all of those on our "portfolio" page.)

In addition, we have issued grants to organizations working on cure efforts (ViaCyte and the Diabetes Research Institute) technology efforts (Nightscout and Tidepool) and community/ education/ advocacy efforts (The Human Trial Film, Riding on Insulin, Marjorie’s Fund, and T1International). The grant we gave to Marjorie’s Fund last year actually helped open a new diabetes education center in Uganda this summer!

If we won the Revlon Love is On Million Dollar Challenge, the extra money would allow us to expand our native programs for the community, and also enable us to provide additional grants to other organizations whose work we find incredibly valuable for the community. We really hope the community can join us in the last few critical days! We are so close to the win and for once it would be amazing to see type 1 -- and diabetes in general -- come out on top.

To join the campaign, please visit the Beyond Type 1 project on the Revlon Challenge page today!


(and you can follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #RevlonAndBeyond)


Thanks for sharing, Mary. Congrats, and we're excited to see Beyond Type 1 and other diabetes orgs involved in this! We'll do our best to help spread word before the competition deadline.

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