OK, so a few hours after I posted my spiel about medical blogs last week, I got an email from a woman claiming to be a journalist writing a piece about PATIENT BLOGS for the WALL ST. JOURNAL. And guess what? She WAS a genuine journalist writing a piece about PATIENT BLOGS for the WALL ST. JOURNAL!!! As many of you know, I was featured in the story on Wednesday, May 4.

Wsj_pic_2Warning, Rare Occurrence: I am, for a period, speechless...

The best thing about all this is that the woman who contacted me was Laura Landro, a WSJ senior editor who is well-known for publicly sharing her own personal battle against cancer. She now writes a series called "The Informed Patient," which appears every other Wednesday in the WSJ's "Personal Journal" section. It is clear that she is a passionate advocate for "voice of the patient," i.e. issues like the importance of doing your own research, getting a second opinion, and defending patients' rights of access to specialty clinics, hospital reports, etc.

I truly admire Laura.

Likewise, it is more than heartening to see that a publication as prestigious as the Wall Street Journal values the topic of patient communication —- and at the same time recognizes that "blogs help form a community of concern and support" and "will become one of the tools that help families cope with serious illness."

Click HERE* to read the article, titled "Blogging From Your Sickbed" ... not my first choice of headline, but who am I to complain? ;)

(*HURRY! I am told this link self-destructs -— or at least requires a subscription -- after 7 days).

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