Are you ready, PWDs? I hope you have your calendar marked for this Sunday, Nov. 14: World Diabetes Day 2010.

What to do to help the cause? There are plenty of campaigns to get behind this month, but here are my Top 4 suggestions:

* Find out what's happening in your city/ state / town and be part of it this Sunday!

To do this, you can:

(For those in my area, don't forget that the Metreon Building at 4th and Mission St. will be lit up in San Francisco. From 1-4pm, you can experience the kickoff of Dance Out Diabetes, a new initiative to get folks movin'. From 5-8pm, you can also join us for the Strike Out Diabetes Bowling Party at Yerba Buena Gardens: "Enjoy views of the Metreon next door lit up in brilliant blue while celebrating with bowling, live music by local band 'Solar Prominence,', games, snacks and inspirational presentations" — cool!  More events around California are listed here.)



* Do the Big Blue Test!

In case you somehow haven't heard yet, this is a huge-mongous "glucose test-in" for PWDs around the globe. Its purpose is to raise awareness, highlight the power of exercise, and this year, also to help raise a lot of money that will go directly to providing life-saving insulin to PWDs in need.

Namely, every time someone views the Big Blue Test video, which was posted on YouTube at the beginning of the month, it brings us a step closer to the $75,000 donation pledged by Roche Diabetes Care towards the non-profit help organizations Life For a Child and Insulin For Life.

We're shooting for 100,000 views to get the full amount. I understand the video's already been watched nearly 85,000 times — so we've raised over $62,000 already. Keep it up, Friends!

Now, to participate in the Big Blue Test activity on Sunday, here are the steps to take:

  1. Test your blood sugar and write down the number. If your blood sugar is between 100 and 250 mg/dl (5.5 — 13.8 mmol/l) continue.
  2. Do 14 minutes of an activity: "walk, vacuum, bike, mow the lawn, shake your booty, chase your cat, prune a rose bush, throw hoops, swim two laps or 20."
  3. After 14 minutes, test your blood sugar again, and write the number down.
  4. Take a few seconds to post your numbers at

I for one can't wait to see how many PWDs from all over the planet will participate this year.



* Donate some supplies to Rwanda!

Have you heard about Team Type 1's Strip-A-Thon for Rwanda? Please take a few moments to pack up any spare glucose meters and test strips you have around, and these wonderful T1 cyclists will make sure the supplies make their way to needy PWD children in Rwanda.

Keep in mind that life expectancy with diabetes is less than 5 years in that country.  And your unused supplies could save a life.

Also, we are running a little contest here at the 'Mine to motivate contributions! If you've donated stuff, please add your message to the D-kids of Rwanda in a comment at this post to be eligible for some really cool prizes. We sure hope someone will claim them.



* Make a splash at your workplace or child's school!

Lorraine Sisto, who writes a blog about her type 1 child, ThisIsCaleb, has stepped up and shown us all what individuals can do to raise awareness "right in your own backyard." Check out the video she created to show at Caleb's elementary school this week (a little long because it's meant for lunch-time viewing):







Lorraine also created a "School Blu-nity" campaign in which she worked with the school principal to organize a day when everyone was asked to wear blue, and to donate a dollar towards cure research for type 1 diabetes. WOW. Way to go, Lorraine!  What a simple yet powerful program.  I bet we could all do Blu-nity campaigns at our schools, churches, synagogues, and offices or other places of employment by the end of November if we tried.



Happy* World Diabetes Day, All!

{*I say "happy" with a good conscience, because how many other diseases get a "holiday" like this? Gi-normous thanks to the forward-thinking people at IDF.}


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