First and foremost, let me say: I'm glad it's me. I CANNOT IMAGINE trying to manage diabetes for my child...

How do you make them understand what all the pricks are for? How do you make them stand still? And who the hell knows what a 2yr-old (or a 5yr-old or 7yr-old) is going to eat? or has eaten? When I'm struggling to open the can of Spaghettios with the bagels smoking in the toaster amidst hunger cries above the TV and ringing phone, I'm certainly not worrying about how many carbs are coming at them...

And it must hurt. The night seizures, the lows at school, the "big talk" about the consequences... my God, as if we didn't worry about them enough! With their defenseless little mussed up heads, and their big trusting eyes... My heart and my utmost respect go out to those parents (this means you, Martha! and you, Shannon! and all those at the podsquad, and the JDRF, and Diabetes123, etc., etc.)

But to be brutally honest (when aren't I?), it's not always a picnic trying to manage my own diabetes while mothering, either -- especially when the Disney videos are blaring, the water is running along with feet stomping REALLY LOUD upstairs, and I'm yelling: "No sitting in the garbage!!" Who the hell knows what I'm going to eat? or have eaten? or have injected, for that matter?

Thankfully, they can also be soooo sweet. They make me "wheat-free cookies" out of playdough, and kiss my "boo-boos" when I test, and (try to) stand back respectfully when I take my "med-sins"... Love goes a long way towards fostering good health.

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