Forget about Y2K — this year's Leap Year date of Feb. 29, 2012, caused a hiccup in the Animas OneTouch Ping system that the company wants to alert customers to right away.

Apparently the problem only affects users who attempted to make changes to their time and/or date settings on that exact fateful day.  Weird. Per Animas:

  • On this date, the pump's software did not recognize changes some patients attempted to make to their time and/or date settings.
  • Therefore, we are recommending our patients verify the time and date on their pumps. If a patient noticed that the time and/or date were incorrect, they should correct these settings immediately and test their blood sugars.

The company will be sending out a letter out to all patients shortly, urging them to check the time and date settings on their pumps. You can read a copy of the letter immediately by clicking on the top link here.

The issue is not only assuring accurate BG records, but could potentially also affect basal rates running at the wrong time of day for your body. With obligatory concern for safety, the manufacturers state:

"If you notice that the time and/or date displayed on your pump is not correct, it is important to correct this information immediately, as instructed in the Owner's Booklet. We also recommend that you verify all other pump settings and test your blood sugar."

If you're an Animas Ping user and you've got questions, feel free to call them at (855) 230"7577.

So, did anything else go haywire on Leap Year this time around? We love this Twilight Zone stuff! (OK, maybe it's just a software bug.) But do tell...

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