Looking for ways to put your diabetes to good use? {Grin} Today's update: two surveys and a casting call.

* A company called M2 Medical here in Silicon Valley is developing "next generation insulin pump technology." To inform their R&D, they want to hear from all us pumpers on our current likes and dislikes, priorities and preferences. Good for them!

So if you'd like to weigh in on what's coming to market next , take their marketing survey at THIS LINK.

All I can say is they know their stuff, as witnessed by the nice pump-comparison chart below that's part of the survey (click to enlarge). I for one am always glad to be asked my opinion on something so integral to my life.


* And what about telling the presidential candidates what we think? Close Concerns has got thatClinton_on_health covered, with a new PATIENT SURVEY open to everyone. This one is "basically an electronic petition" calling on the candidates to air details of their plans for various aspects of healthcare. Results will be written up in the next issue of the diaTribe newsletter -- where we can also expect the long-awaited summary of our pro-diabetes-technology survey, Kelly tells me.

* If you live in Northern California, forget American Idol. You can be on TV with your diabetes! No need to sing. The San Francisco-based media firm Beau Bonneau Casting is seeking people with with Type 1 and especially Type 2 diabetes to star in a national diabetes commercial.

I don't usually post classifieds here, but I thought this looked fun. I mean, how often do you get disease-centered casting calls like this? Where they're actually looking for healthy diabetics, btw? From the flier:

- Ages 10-15 or 35-65, males and females, all ethnicitiesYou_on_tv

- Must test daily with a glucose monitor and inject insulin daily

- Especially looking for people relatively new to insulin injections

- Pump users good too!

- Healthy, positive, articulate and expressive people who are dealing with their condition in a pro-active way.

- This is a national commercial with residuals for a well-known diabetes glucose monitor.

- A great opportunity to help put a positive face on living with diabetes. (Also great money)

- For more info, see contact details HERE.

If any of you happen to make it, you just remember who got you rolling on the path to stardom, OK?!

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