Who remembers a while back when I was bemoaning the lack of a vial protector product that fit a Lantus bottle?  Not even those nifty little InSure vial protectors are thin enough to fit those tall, skinny and delicate Lantus vials.  What's a PWD taking Lantus to do?

Happily, Necessity is the Mother of Invention, and I've just discovered their whereabouts: Imgp3161_1

Renee T. of Regato Enterprises, Ltd., in Illinois wrote me recently to say: "My mom is a Type 1 and uses both Humalog and Lantus insulin.  She had never broken any vials, but then hit a period of a year when she broke two... so I designed something to help her."

Hooray for Renee! Talk about your family support system.  Her new products are patent Imgp3162 pending and go by the name Securitee Blanket(TM).  They come in two colors and two sizes, for Lantus and Humalog bottles, of course.  They are not on the market yet, but Renee promises they will be soon, and will be reasonably priced.  I'll keep you posted.

See my pretty, pretty homemade photos?  Good night, little Lantus, sleep tight.  (Perhaps for a looong time, once I get pumping!)

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