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Every year, our Fall DiabetesMine Innovation Summit hones in on a topic or theme that's hot as far as patient concerns and the landscape of evolving tools and care. This year, our theme is "The Usability Revolution" -- as in, things don't have to be complicated to be impactful.

In fact, as illustrated by our Patient Voices Contest life hacks entries, sometimes the simplest fixes make the biggest difference in your day-to-day grapplings with diabetes, right?

So today, we're excited to announce that we're launching a national program to honor the very best simple fixes out there: the DiabetesMineTM Usability Innovation Awards!

We're working with dQ&A, the one-of-a-kind diabetes research company associated with Close Concerns, to highlight innovations that make a real difference in the lives of people with diabetes -- from tools to services and programs.


Tell Us What's Helped You with Your Diabetes

DiabetesMine Innovation Project

We're looking for innovations (not drugs) that have significantly eased life with diabetes in the following four categories:

  • Education: New ways for people with diabetes to help themselves, such as a social media account that answers questions about diabetes.
  • Glucose control: Better ways to help people manage their blood glucose every day, for example a new app that helps track how certain foods affect your blood glucose readings.
  • Ease of access: Easier ways for people to get the care they need, for example a pharmacy that makes getting diabetes drugs and devices less burdensome, or a clinic that's simplified and streamlined appointment management.
  • Device design or interoperability: A new device, program, app, or website that is truly easy and useful to use, or a new way of combining data from tools we already have.

These innovations can come from diabetes drug or device makers, doctors' offices/clinics/hospitals, pharmacies, insurers, software companies, individuals, anyone really.


Is there a product, service, program, or individual that you would like to nominate? 

If so, please NOMINATE NOW at this link.


(Hurry! -- this survey closes on Oct. 5, 2015)

In the words of dQ&A: "We want to acknowledge and celebrate the best efforts on behalf of patients. We believe dQ&A diabetes researchfervently that every aspect of life with diabetes is a potential target for innovation and improvement, from brand-new big ideas to simple changes that make daily life a little better."

Winners will be announced at the 2015 DiabetesMine Innovation Summit at Stanford School of Medicine on Nov. 20, and published here, of course.

Thank you all!

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